Holistic Healing Made Stylish

Jewellery by Charlotte is the home of handmade crystal jewellery such as crystal bracelets and crystal necklaces.

I hope you enjoy you browsing my website and I hope you find the perfect piece of healing crystal jewellery

Charlotte x

Crystal Healing Jewellery

  • Testimonial One - Cailtlin

    I bought a few healing crystal necklace to help me with my trauma and anxiety. The crystal necklaces were beautiful, well-made and not cheap plastic. I would buy again :)

  • Testimonial Two - Natalia

    I bought two amethyst and red jasper braclets for me and my mum and we are twinning it up. Loveee the vibe of them, would defo recommend.

  • Testimonial Three - Angela

    I checked a crystal healing chart beforehand and bought ones for emotional healing. They look so cute and have lifted my mood. Thanks Charlotte xo

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